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Coastal Staging Co. is a locally owned and operated business in Richmond Hill, GA. 

Being born and raised predominately in the Savannah area, I have a love for the coastal lifestyle. Many people are moving to the low country searching for saltwater breezes, Spanish Moss, and a slightly slower pace.  With nearly 700 homes for sale in my zip code alone, sellers need a way for each home to invite people in to relax and become part of this cozy coastal place. Selling a home can also be an emotional process, and that's ok.  But as a third party, a home stager sees a home from a different perspective.  Home staging has become almost a necessity for sellers in the current market, they photograph better and are ready for the next person to move in.  Today most people have narrowed down their home choices before stepping foot inside simply by the online listing. 


I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and from a young age have loved fashion, design, and home decor.  I remember my Mother taking me to home shows as a child always so intrigued by the newest trends.  Specifically to home staging, I have been mentored by a top home staging firm in the Atlanta area, Iris and Oak.  

Coastal Staging Co. owns all of its own furnishings, art, and accessories.  We are always updating inventory.  The first listing completed was a vacant property.  We picked the new paint colors, new flooring, and beautifully staged the main living spaces so buyers could picture themselves in the home.  Professional photos were taken, listed and the home was in the top 10% of performers on Zillow for buyer saves vs. viewings.  The listing received multiple all cash offers.

We look forward to setting your home apart and selling for top dollar!  


Stephanie Kisgen


Mackenzie Scharf


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